Lancer Spotlight 2/13/23: Linganore presents Blacks in Wax


Victoria Benson

(Left to right) Senior Victor Onabanjo portrays Malcolm X and sophomore Josslyn Quansah performs as Ruby Bridges in Linganore’s first Blacks in Wax Museum.

by Leila Gibril, Editor

Linganore High School hosted its first Blacks in Wax Museum during school on February 9. 

African-American students at Linganore performed as important figures in Black history. Each person gave a one-minute long monologue on their life and accomplishments.

The Linganore students who participated each wrote a monologue based on their own research and were excited to share what they learned with their peers.

“It took a while to prepare, and I had to do research for the speech and touch on the most important parts of his life,” said senior Daniel Amon’kotey who performed a monologue on Jackie Robinson’s life.

Students presented on the lives of civil rights icons and present-day individuals who have made an impact on US history and culture. Jackie Robinson, Ruby Bridges, Malcolm X and Kentanji Brown Jackson are just some of the many people showcased who broke down race and gender barriers in America.

Participants dressed up as an activist of their choice, giving their speeches in approximately five-minute increments to classes who signed up in advance to visit the museum. 

The museum was set up in the Linganore Learning Commons from 8 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.

The idea for Blacks in Wax was first formed eight years ago by Assistant Principal Marcus Allen.

“I thought it was an interesting concept and one that students would enjoy viewing and participating in,” said Allen.

Allen created a Blacks in Wax presentation at his previous school, before bringing it to Linganore this year.

He reported that he felt a need for the school to show its appreciation and honor for Black History Month and wanted to provide students a venue to participate in a deeper celebration of Black history.

Another student who participated in Blacks in Wax was junior Legend Campbell. She gave a speech about Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first black woman to be a justice on the Supreme Court.

Campbell expressed her appreciation for the event and those that attended.

“The teachers who signed up to watch [our performances] show me who wants to expose this history to children and opens my eyes to people who want to learn more,” Campbell said.

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