Lancer Spotlight 10/27/22: Girls’ soccer loses overtime thriller in last game of the season


Patrick Lyons (the author)

The Linganore Lancers are about to kick a free kick in hopes of scoring a goal.

Linganore’s girls’ varsity soccer team has had a solid season thus far, with a respectable record of  4-3-1. Unfortunately, this season did not end how the Lancers were hoping. Linganore hosted the Tuscarora Titans at home on October 20 for their final game of the season. They fell short to Tuscarora 3-2 in a devastating overtime thriller.

The game started off slow, with zero goals scored in the first half. The possession was shared equally, and both teams only managed to come up with a few opportunities.

The Lancers held a teacher recognition night during the game. For this event, the players of the Linganore team each chose their favorite teacher who has impacted them the most and invited them to the game. 

At halftime, the announcers called out the player and their chosen teacher. Then, the players met their teachers in the middle of the field and greeted them. This was a very wholesome event, and it definitely meant a lot to all of the teachers. 

Freshman Mckenna Nichols said, “I felt that the teacher recognition night was a great idea. I love making our teachers feel special and being able to share moments like this with them.”

I felt that the teacher recognition night was a great idea. I love making our teachers feel special and being able to share moments like this with them.

— Mckenna Nichols

After halftime, the game really started to pick up. Three minutes into the half, Tuscarora struck an early goal with a nice shot off of a rebounded free kick.

This did not phase Linganore, as they answered back in the 31st minute. Linganore received a penalty shot due to a Tuscarora handball in the box, and Ava Taylor(3) of the Lancers made a nice bottom-corner shot. This goal gave the team momentum, and they seemed to control the game for the next 15 minutes.  

Linganore managed to build off of this energy and put yet another goal on the board in the 13th minute, when Meredith Baker(20) made a top-right banger from 20 yards out.

This victory was short-lived, as Tuscarora managed to answer back off of a cross just two minutes later.

 Tuscarora put in another goal in the 4th minute off of a beautiful free kick. Fortunately, for Linganore, the goal was called back. The free kick was an indirect free kick, meaning it was supposed to touch another offensive player before going in the goal.

This picture took place after the game-winning goal was scored by Tuscarora. (Patrick Lyons)

The game then entered OT, with a back-and-forth between the teams for the first six minutes. Unfortunately, Tuscarora scored in the last couple minutes of OT off of a goalie mistake. 

Linganore fought hard and played a very respectable game overall, despite the devastating loss. They hope to build off this loss and prepare themselves for the playoffs next week.