Lancer Media Sports Podcast: The COVID football season

Jason Byrd

by Jason Byrd, Sports Editor

On this episode of the Lancer Media Sports Podcast, I talk with senior football players Scott Hummel and Xander McClure. In arguably the toughest year to try and run a sports season, the Lancers were able to enjoy a shorter season against other in-county teams.

The Lancers ended with a record of 5-1, and ended their season in explosive fashion, as they beat Urbana 28-20. Brady Domroe had all four touchdown in his return from injury and Graham Gardner seals the win with an interception.

“That was one of the best feelings of my life,” exclaimed Domroe. “We strive for greatness, we don’t ever expect to lose and I think that’s why we have the best football program in the county.”

Hummel and McClure help me break down that final game, the challenge of a season in COVID, and what the future holds.