Lancer Podcast: NFL Talk

Gabe Erb and Daniel Gelhard

by Gabe Erb and Daniel Gelhard

In this podcast, sophomore Daniel Gelhard and junior Gabriel Erb discuss the history and future of two NFL quarterbacks,  Baker Mayfield and Deshaun Watson. 

After 13 weeks with the Carolina Panthers, Mayfield was dropped for poor play but quickly picked up by the Los Angeles Rams

After just two days of being on this team, Mayfield led the Rams to a victory over the Los Vegas Raiders. This is an extremely impressive feat considering he had just joined the team. 

How will he fare further into the season? Will he keep his starting job? How well will he do next season after Matthew Stafford returns?

The second quarterback discussed is Deshaun Watson. Watson is a very controversial topic in the NFL. He was the Houston Texans quarterback for the past couple years but was suspended after 25 sexual assault allegations came out against him.

He was suspended from the league for almost two years until the allegations were dropped. While he was still suspended, he was traded to the Cleveland Browns with high hopes that he could be their franchise quarterback. Prior to his suspension, he had been a top 5 quarterback in the NFL. 

The question remains, does he still have that achievement? Can he still play at that level needed to be competitive? 

Unfortunately, he has not demonstrated that he will remain top 5 during the two games he has played for the Browns. He has yet to throw a touchdown pass and has thrown several interceptions. 

This podcast discusses which of these two players will be a better quarterback in the future. Mayfield has leadership capabilities not seen from Watson. However, Watson has more physical talent as a rusher and passer than we have seen from Mayfield. 

Both quarterbacks are in strange situations and fans will have to wait until next season to truly know how good they really are. Will they live up to expectations and predictions?