Spending time outside, off of devices and video games is beneficial for student health

by Brian Bedard, Reporter

Someone’s childhood builds who they become in the future; therefore, learning skills and activities at a young age is extremely beneficial for the rest of one’s life.

Being outside in nature promotes creativity and makes children more happy later in life. Social skills are improved when a child is spending time with friends, and they are often using and building creativity when playing outside of the house.

As a parent, encouraging a child to spend time outdoors will give them better creativity and problem-solving skills and help them become more social. Not only is it good for one’s health, but children learn responsibility more quickly and learn to take care of themselves at an earlier age.  According to the Child Mind Institute, children up to the age of 16 have been seen to be happier and less stressed when they spend most of their time outdoors and away from screens and video games.

Overall, being outside is full of benefits for people of all ages. Try to take at least 15 minutes of your day to get some outdoor activity, whether it is just walking the dog or playing a sport.

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