Lancer Media Podcast: The Linganore Tribe shares how they encourage positive traditions

Madeline Hull

by Madeline Hull, Editor In Chief

Students are familiar with the typical Friday night scene in the football stadium: the bright lights, the screaming crowd, and the excitement of watching the football team fight their way to victory.

One other element of these nights is The Tribe, the group of senior boys who support the football team every Friday night. The chief of the tribe is Owen Drenner, who was voted chief by a poll directed at the student body on Twitter.

Along with the cheerleaders, the tribe keeps the student section as energetic as possible during games by leading them in screaming chants and familiar traditions such as the infamous “I Believe” chant. The tribe is also responsible for coming up with the themes. They rely largely on maintaining traditions from previous years for keeping the school as “One tribe.”

The 2021 tribe includes CJ Bennett, Riley Lane, Zack Spisso, Owen Drenner, Joey Skowron, Brady Brouillard, Eli Etzler, Sean Mulleniux, Will Kershner, and Chase Savage.

The Tribe will be attending Varsity Boys Basketball games (home games only) and other school relating events. For more updates on the tribe follow @TheLHSTribe on Twitter.