A sport you never heard of? The hottest graduation gift is a spikeball set

Spikeball has been a very popular spring/summer outdoor game. For those who aren’t familiar with the game, it is a 4-person game that consists of a net and a small ball. The opposing team is set up on the opposite sides of the net. Each team is allowed 3 touches on the ball just like 2v2 volleyball. What makes this game intense is that there are no boundaries once the ball is set into play. 

Spikeball is a popular game due to its simplicity. A round or two of playing spikeball and you’re hooked! It is not a difficult game to play so people of all ages love to participate. Spikeball is easily transported and set up. The game can be taken anywhere in the provided bag it comes with. The set up is relatively simple and easy making it a great experience with little difficulties. 

There has been a growth in popularity in spikeball due to COVID. During lockdown spikeball provided relief because it has little contact, people could be six feet apart, and setting up a game doesn’t require a lot of organization.

We came together to create this video and shed light on the ever growing popularity of spikeball. We recommend playing this game with friends and family to create a fun competitive experience with them.

There are two different spikeball sets. One called the pro set at $99, and the standard set around $60. We recommend the pro set. The set up is slightly easier, and the plastic is thicker, creating a more stable base. No shame in getting a standard set though! Both sets result in the same active experiences.

Spikeball can be played anywhere, on a field, at the beach, and in your backyard. Setting spikeball up takes no more than five minutes. The only tricky part is tightening the net enough so that the ball can have a nice bounce on it. Other than that, spikeball is straightforward.

Spikeball.com provides easy-to-understand rules and videos.