Diamond anniversary inspires this year’s homecoming banners


Brayden Gregory

This years homecoming banners have been displayed for all to see on main street.

Ending high school on a good note, senior class of 2022 took first place in the homecoming banner competition. The sophomore class of 2024 took second place and the freshman class of 2025 took third place.

Homecoming banners have been a long standing tradition. Each year, members of the four classes participate in creating a banner according to that year´s respective theme, representing their class. The banners are hung up on the Main Street balcony and displayed in a friendly competition to kick off homecoming week.

This year, the homecoming banner theme is “Lancers are forever: celebrating 60 years-diamond anniversary.”

Class of 2025 banner (Brayden)

The third place banner, class of 2025, was designed by Jennifer Gomez, Alisa Perezhogina, Charlie Davis, Hailey Pleasents, and Josslyn Quansah.

Freshman class president Davis said, “The banner we made was inspired from previous year banners we found on Lancer Media.”

They looked at articles on the school newspaper website that showed other winners.


Class of 2024 banner (Brayden )

The class of 2024, was designed by Grace Booth, Alexis Rich, Nikasha K.A., and Genesis Maldonado. Even though they are sophomores, this is their first time participating in the homecoming banners because of COVID-19.

Class of 2024 Secretary Rich said, “We wanted to stick with the theme of the dance, hence the diamonds in the corner. We also wanted everyone to know who made the banner so we put Homecoming 2021 and class of 2021.”


Class of 2023 banner (Brayden )

The second place banner, class of 2023, was made by Caitlyn Crosby, Madelyn Beckman, Hannah Morin, Brady Vhla, and Molly Granger.

Class of 2023 President Morin said, “We used the lancer theme of the week which is lancers are forever to design our banner. We chose to add an infinity sign to represent forever and Madelyn had the great idea of adding the lancer hand!”


Class of 2022 banner (Brayden )

The winning banner, class of 2022, was made by Ellie Kahwajy, Maeve Smarick, Alexi Crosby, Danny Hester, Matthew Coffey, Vicki Garafalo, Emma Watkins, Madi Drury, and Ashley Hollar. This is their final year making a homecoming banner, serving as the role model to the other classes.

“The plan for the banner was to incorporate the spirit stick and have diamonds hanging around the spear and letters, as we didn’t think any other class would do that. The diamonds help to represent the 60th anniversary of Linganore High school,” said class of 2022 Vice President Hollar.