2021 top 10 gifts to give to your family and friends this holiday


by Makyla DeVries, Reporter

Are you having problems figuring out what to get your friends and family members a gift this holiday on a budget?  


Check this list to get some ideas on what to give your friends and family without spending more than $60!!!!

   Cute Whale Night Light ($16.99) 

The Whale Night Light is a cute gift to make your room more colorful. The whale is affordable and changes colors! The whale changes colors from  red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white. This gift is good for any age group. The night light is easy to set up and is a helpful light and helps decorate your room to make it more like you. Don’t worry, the material is baby safe and is non-toxic.

   Burrito Blanket ($24.99) 

This Burrito Blanket is a good gift to give any person.  The blanket is on the more expensive side, but it’s really cute and makes any room better. The blanket comes in four different sizes, 47 in, 70 in,  and 80 in. This blanket is really soft and a great gift to cuddle with on the couch watching your favorite show.

   Dino pop-it ($6.99) 

The Dino Pop-it can be given to anyone for the holidays. It is fun for all ages. My little sister, who is three, loves pop-its! So no matter the age, you can enjoy this gift! This gift doesn’t just come in one design it comes in four other colors. The designs range from frogs, unicorns, crabs, and ducks. This toy will also help you relieve stress.

    Fuzzy Socks ($16.99) 

In this pack of fuzzy socks you get six pairs.  You have so many options to pick from. If you want to get this gift from someone you know and they don’t celebrate Christmas that is okay! The socks come in styles that have nothing to do with Christmas, so this would be a good gift to give all year round.

    Winnie the Pooh Wallet ($40) 

The Winnie the Pooh Wallet is a little on the more expensive side for a gift. The wallet is very cute and is a great gift to give to a loved one. This gift is perfect for any Disney lover and I highly recommend getting this gift for them. This gift is perfect to get not just on Christmas but any other holiday or even birthday.

    Christmas Mug ($9.99)

An easy gift that everyone will love is a cute christmas mug. Imagine you are sitting at your house drinking warm coco out of a new Christmas mug. This is the perfect gift for Christmas movie lovers. The mug can hold about 10-12 ounces. The cup has the Grinch, Kevin McCallister from Home Alone, and many more.

   Sunset light ($28.99)

 The Sunset Light is simply just cute for any room. It is a light that helps make your room enjoy the feeling of having a “golden hour” effect. I believe that the light is super cute for kids of all ages. The light is really pretty and doesn’t take up much space.

    Nike Sportswear Club Fleece ($50) 

This Nike Club Fleece Sweater is more on the expensive side of things. This sweater is very warm and comes in 14 different colors. This would be a cute gift to give in any winter time or fall time situation. The sweater comes in neutral colors like gray, black, white, and brown. If you like more fun colors you are also in luck. The sweatshirt also comes in bright colors like green or yellow. The sweatshirt is very comfortable and I highly recommend getting it.

    Puravida(price ranges)

 Puravida is a great company for any jewelry lover. The only downside to this website is that you have to spend at least $10. Puravida has so many options so you should be able to find something for everyone! Puravida has bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. Puravida also has constant deals on the jewelry so this website should make everyone happy. Just be mindful that this will be delivered through the mail. So the package should be ordered before you actually need the gift. I suggest ordering about two weeks in advance just in case.

    Sanuks Donna Hemp ($55)

This specific style is very common to find any kid at  Linganore High School  wearing or owning a pair of these shoes. This shoe is extremely comfortable and can really be matched with any outfit you want. The company uses Hemp to help the farmers save water, since it’s not made out of cotton. Sanuks is also a vegan brand that doesn’t have any animal products and also doesn’t have any byproducts.