Lancer Spotlight 12/1/21: No family gets left behind on Thanksgiving


Courtesy of Leila Gibril

These were items that were handed out to the families for a happy Thanksgiving!

by Leila Gibril and Matt Nyandjo

Do you remember that nostalgic smell of your mother’s homemade stuffing, Or sweet potato pie baking in the oven while you helped set up the table?

Finally seeing the turkey, stuffing, marshmallows and more, set out on the table was the crowning jewel of Thanksgiving.  

Thanksgiving is a time to come together as family to celebrate what you have. 

Although being able to have that wonderful food is always in reach, It is not the case for every family. 

Every year the SGA holds Turkey Donations for families in the Linganore community who are not always able to have a full thanksgiving meal.

“This year we got 21 turkeys, and we will be giving them to 21 families,” said senior class president Matthew Coffey. 

The box includes turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and a treat, brownie mix

 This is funded with donations from the community, staff, students and clubs

“The food is bought with monetary donations, and we purchase the turkeys from local grocery stores,” Coffey said.

The SGA will be participating in the Egg Nog Jog and toys for children in December. Find out more at the SGA website