Course Registration – It’s the most stressful time of the year: Photo Of The Day 2/5/20


Natalie Ann Rebetsky

Caroline Pellicier and Tabitha Reeder, Class of2020 at the assembly showing undergraduates course options of Horticulture and Pre-Vet.

by Maya Apau, Editor

“I’m so STRESSED! What classes should I sign up for?” said concerned Nazareth Guerrero, Class of 2021.

On Thursday, January 30th, the first class registration assembly was held for the Class of 2021.This would be the first of several two-day assemblies for students in grades 9-11.

The assembly presents the classes available for them in their upcoming year from A to almost Z:  Agriculture to World War II and Work Study. 

While the assemblies are neccessary, some are tired of the same information. “We have to attend the same assembly over and over again and it’s getting old,” said Sammy Thomas. 

While these students might find these assemblies uneventful and repetitive, Vice Principal, Andrew McWilliams describe the assemblies as “an oppurtunity to showcase the best courses that the school has to offer.” Williams hopes that students remain respectful and pay attention to all the options. 

These assemblies are essentially reminding and reeducating students on the open and many possibilities that Linganore holds in store for them. Along with these assemblies, packets were distributed to students in PREP giving the students a paper copy of the Registration document that can be found on Schoology and Naviance.

Christain Avallone, Class of 2021 discussing the upcoming classes with peers in PREP.

To access your online registration visit Schoology and click Groups to then see your class (ie. 2021 Student Services) and the link will be shown below with following instructions and due dates. 

To access the online registration form on Schoology follow the steps shown above.

DON’T FORGET! Registration forms are due to Student Services by Friday, February 14, 2020.