Tables, platforms, and backdrops–Techies work skillfully to make the set of Newsies: Photo of the Day 2/13/20


Grace Blundin

Students work together to cut a piece of wood that will be used to make a table.

by Grace Blundin, Reporter

So much more goes on behind the scenes of musicals and plays than one might anticipate. The set of Newsies, which takes place in New York City during the height of the second Industrial Revolution, needs to be as realistic as it can be and put the audience in the environment. The set must feel large, yet cramped, to replicate the hustle and bustle of the economy’s boom.

On February 7, 2020, the techies met as they do every Friday and got to work on making the New York scene. The main focus was to build the tables, two of which are integral to the show. 

Students split into groups— some cut wood, drilled, painted the backdrops, and many helped to put together a table large enough for several characters to dance on top. In tech, every student has a job that may stay the same or change from week to week. Wherever help is needed, techies are there to make it happen.

Senior and Stage Manager Olivia Pietanza is passionate about all of the hard work that goes into making the set feel like New York. “Set-wise, it’s intense. . .There’s going to be a lot of mimicking the fire escapes, and the scaffolding is two stories high. It looms over everything and it’s going to make awesome shadows.”

Last year, the production of Beauty and the Beast was a hit, and the set reflected on the effort the techies had put into making the stage feel like the Beast’s castle. This year, however, pieces of the set are proving to be even more ambitious. “The sounds, the people bustling… overall, the sets are going to be very characterized,” said Pietanza. 

For a new techie, these tasks can be daunting. “Building sets and using tools like the drill are the most difficult parts of tech, especially for a freshman who has not taken any woodworking classes and doesn’t know a lot about building sets,” said freshman Bella Worley.

The welcoming and comfortable environment, however, helps new techies acclimate quickly and comfortably get to work with the other students.