Nvidia graphics cards create a better PC experience


by Liam Sterling, Reporter

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Nvidia, computer hardware developers, released their new line of graphic cards, the RTX series. These can be purchased online, and used right in your rooms, as long as you have a supporting power supply and motherboard.

In September, Nvidia unveiled the 3070, 3080, and 3090 priced at $500, $700, and $1,500 dollars respectively. It sounds like a lot of money, but these are half the price of the previous generation, and outperform them as well. Underperforming last quarter, Nvidia is making these cheaper, and much more powerful.

Nvidia’s showoff seems to entice a lot of potential customers. With double the power, prices cheaper in the hundreds, and supporting motherboards that are upwards of two years and older, upgrading now seems like a good choice. We’re all stuck at home right now and that makes it a good time to upgrade a computer. These are getting better resolutions and more frames per second. 

“I don’t know much about computers, but I just got one with a RTX 2060. It’s super nice, and the fact that any of these new ones outperform what I had is insane. Almost overkill,” said junior Mason Fleming.

Moving on, to prove the power of this hardware, Nvidia released their teraflops and transistor counts for these cards. In other words, this is a measure of how much electricity and power your computer can concentrate.

For example, comparing the 3080 to the 2080ti, the 2080ti is an 18.6 billion transistor graphics card priced at 1,200, and the 3080 is a 700 dollar card with 28 billion transistors. “These look amazing. I’m getting one as soon as I can,” said Walkersville High School junior Hunter Ferguson. Just make sure that your motherboard supports whatever you’re getting, and that your power supply can handle the card at PCPartPicker.

In summary, now is a good time to upgrade computers. New, more affordable, and more powerful hardware, in a time where we’re confined to the indoors, is just a no-brainer for people looking into upgrading their PC, getting a new one, or are getting into PCs. Pick up a pair at Nvidia today.