Jujustu Kaisen Review: Shounen manga bestseller delights with show adaptation


Plan to be doing some binge watching with this new manga series.

by Joshua Barnes

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The first season of Jujustu Kaisen written by Gege Akutami is the main hype of the fall anime news. With the manga sales over 8.5 million copies within 2 years, the show delivers the same excitement as the print version. 

Jujustu Kaisen takes place in a world of monsters who terrorize humanity. These monsters are called Curses, which are born and given power through the negative emotions that naturally flow through our bodies. 

These Curses can only be seen, and are known by a small percentage of all of humanity. The majority of this small number of individuals become Jujustu sorcerers and are taught how to use their own negative emotions to create Curse energy and use the same power to fight Curses. Each type of Curse power is unique to the user’s emotions.

One of the most feared Curses in this world are the Sukuna Fingers. There are 20 of these fingers, each representing 1/20 of the most powerful curses to exist. If a person were to eat one of these fingers, their body would be lost to Sukuna, bringing him back from the dead. And if he were to collect and eat all 20 fingers, he would basically become a god of devils.

These fingers will be the driving force of the episodes, which come out every Friday on Crunchyroll. To someone who isn’t familiar with the story, the finger plot might be “hard to swallow,” but for Harry Potter fans, who understand how Voldemort’s soul was divided, this is a similar plot development.

Jujustu Kaisen is a typical Shonan story with its own plot twist and a new world building experience around it.  If you are a fan of the Shounen genre, this is a must watch.

The main character of this story is an ordinary high school student, Yuji Itadori. He may seem a bit bland as a character, but he meant to represent a normal person. With moral problems and issues any normal person would have. Gege Akutami even says that he isn’t the fan of protagonists that are on the good side. He wanted to make a protagonist that is fighting for his own reasons, no good or bad. Only evil, and non-evil.

And with our protagonist and a bit of plot convenience, Itadori stumbles upon a secret location where a Jujustu Sorcerer was going to pick up one of these Sukuna fingers wrapped in sealing paper. 

With the plot twist that Itadori consumes the finger, Itadori has the ability to suppress the all mighty Sukuna, but is unable to use Sukuna’s power against his will.

With Itadori just learning of the world of curses and Jujustu Sorcerers, he is given two choices from Gojo, a very high tier sorcerer. Either help collect and eat all 20 fingers and then die, getting rid of the Sukuna threat.

You can tell that a lot of effort is being put into the story and animation, and is extremely paid off, unlike Danmachi Season 3.

The side characters can be a huge boost to the popularity of the show. Black Clover is a prime example of this, and I think Jujustu Kaisen is doing a good job so far. Each cast member is very unique, one of them is even a talking panda. There is at least one person in there that you will love or relate to.

The reason there is so much hype to the show is the fights. Most Shounens focus on the fights, but since the world and power system of Jujustu Kaisen is so unique, it takes a spin on a fighting shounen that people seem to enjoy.

Gege Akutami created Jujustu Kaisen in the hope to keep the genre of Shounen alive. He even says that this series was inspired by My Hero Academia, Naruto, Bleach, etc. Do you think he is succeeding? Check it out for yourself at Crunchyroll.