Learning merengue challenges Mr. Linganore contestants

Mr. Linganore contestants and their escorts learn the merengue at dance practice.

by Madeline Hull, Reporter

On February 25, the contestants of Mr. Linganore attended their second  dance rehearsal before the contest on March 9.

Several dance rehearsals were snowed out, so the couples have been scrambling to perfect the merengue and learn the finale “It’s Raining Men” dance.

“Although we had one of our three dance practices cancelled due to snow, everything is starting to come together.  We’re all finding the rhythm of the choreography and the music for the merengue, but everyone seems to be having fun and letting loose for ‘It’s Raining Men’ especially because our performance in that dance isn’t scored,” said Emily Reed, Beau Cameron’s escort.

This year the contestants for the 2019 annual Mr. Linganore contest are: Dominic Barbagello, Tre Briscoe, Beau Cameron, Morgan Fink, Matthew Gelhard, Alex Ismael, Ryan Leyh, Ryan McFadden, Ryan Mondoneo, Noah Price, Charlie Rasmussen, and Jake Santis.

All the contestant had to choose a character to become that fits the theme for the 2019 annual contest “A Night of Firsts.”

After spending hours to perfect the dance, choreographer Linda Sanders, a retired FCPS physical education teacher, believes the gentlemen will be ready the night of March 9.

“They are picking things up really quick. Once they get to work, good things happen,” Sanders said.

“Emily [contestant Matthew Gelhard’s escort] is a basketball player, and I’m a baseball player. Two athletes coming together to dance is a whole new experience,” said Gelhard.

Part of the Mr. Linganore contest is a talent portion where the contestants show off dancing, singing, or a skit to entertain the audience and judges.

This is an event you don’t want to miss. Want to see the contestants show off their moves? Come show your support in the auditorium on March 9! Doors open at 6:30 and the event starts at 7 pm. Tickets for the show can be purchased from any contestant or the night of the event.