Price takes the cake with his magical Houdini display

by Jacob Bolger, Julie Walker, and Tommy French

On March 7, the 12 Mr. Linganore contestants became bakers in their annual cake decorating competition, which took place in the cafeteria during first lunch shift. Each contestant’s cake was themed after a specific character, and the cafeteria staff acted as the judges.

Contestants Alex Ismael, Beau Cameron, Charlie Rausmussen, Dominic Barbagallo, Jake Santis, Matthew Gelhard, Morgan Fink, Noah Price, Ryan Leyh, Ryan Mcfadden, Ryan Mondenedo, and Tre Briscoe each created a cake based on their character and talent.

One cake that really stood out (literally) was Noah Price’s Houdini-themed cake with a wide array of cards and magic trick items. Matthew Gelhard created a NASCAR-themed cake based on the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and Beau Cameron made a Captain America themed cake.

The cake decorating competition was one of three preliminary contests: Cake decorating, gumdrop towers and sweet heart letters. In each competition, the winning contestants gained points that would help them win the actual competition.

Cafeteria staff judged the cakes made by each contestant.  Mrs. Toll and her cafeteria staff said, “I have been judging the competitions for 5 years now. I am really glad that us as cafeteria staff get a chance to participate in the fun.”