McFadden Rocks his way to the top as Eddie Van Halen


Graphic by Matthew Gelhard

Ryan McFadden will be portraying Eddie van Halen at the Mr. Linganore show.

by Keifer Spore and Ashley Baker

Ryan McFadden, recognized three times on the All County Golf First Team is planning to add Mr. Linganore to his titles on Saturday, March 9.

McFadden’s interest in guitar has inspired him to portray Eddie Van Halen, a rock icon during the 70’s and 80’s. “I love guitar myself, and Eddie van Halen is my favorite guitar player,” said McFadden.

McFadden is confident that he can win and is excited for his intro and talent.

“I joined Mr. Linganore because I thought it would be a great experience for my senior year,” said McFadden.

Reilly Kidwell is McFadden’s escort.

“I think Ryan will do great in Mr. Linganore. He is super funny and isn’t afraid to be himself,” said Kidwell. Both McFadden and Kidwell are excited for their performance.

McFadden will also appear in Ryan Mondonedo’s talent. They are both accompanying each other in class guitar performances.

“I’m pretty good at the guitar so I think I will have a good upper hand with my talent.” said McFadden.    

Playing guitar isn’t the only thing McFadden enjoys. He was a captain of the golf team and has provided so much for them.

“Ryan was a team player and was always wanting everyone to do their best. He was a true captain,” said teammate Payton Smith. McFadden was an inspiration to the team and is excited to play at a higher level.

McFadden will be playing golf for the Rams at Shepherd University during his college career.

The Mr. Linganore competition takes place on Saturday, March 9 at 7:00 pm.