Fink aims to light up the night at Mr. Linganore 2019

In past Mr. Linganore competitions,  there have been some powerful contestants competing for the crown. In 2019, Morgan Fink is determined to be the king of them all. Fink, accompanied by Kayla Curran, is taking on the role of Zeus, God of Thunder.

“I thought he would be a cool person to dress as, and he was the first one I thought of,” said Fink.

In Greek mythology, Zeus is the king of the gods, and some may even say he is the most important god. He is also believed to control natural events, such as the weather. He would even throw lighting bolts to defeat his enemies. While Fink may not be able to throw lighting, he is sure to resemble Zeus in other ways with his power and leadership during the competition.

Mr. Linganore is an annual event that rallies the student body together to support their peers and raise funds for the Renaissance Academic Awards program and the Students Awards program.

Before the main event, the contestants will complete three lunch shift tests on March 6: cake decorating, sweetheart letter writing, and creating gumdrop towers. Extra points will be awarded to the  winners of each competition.

Fink believes he will excel. “Hopefully [I will be the best at] the tower building, because I’ve done a couple of those in my days,” said Fink.

While other contestants may have attended competitions in the past, Fink experienced the behind the scenes of what it is like to be a contestant first-hand. His brother, Michael Fink, participated in Mr. Linganore 2015 and was first runner up.

“I’m hoping to do that or do better, which is a lot to ask. My talent’s pretty close. He lip-synced to a song, and I’m lip-syncing and dancing to a different song, but, hopefully, mine will be better choreographed than his,” Fink said.

Fink is also involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the German Honor Society and has been on of the football team all four years.

According to Fink’s manager, MaKenzie Llewellyn, being so involved may play to his advantage. “He is very involved in the community, and people want to support him. He’s a people person, and I think the night at Uno’s will really show that,” Llewellyn said.

On February 12 and 27, the contestants made an appearance at Uno’s in Frederick to convince others to vote for them, earn points for the competition, and to sell tickets. On February 28, Fink drew a huge crowd spanning from proud grandparents to newborn babies.

Make sure to come out on March 9 at 7:30 p.m. to watch Fink light up the night as Zeus!