NFL captures our screens and hearts: college football, not so much


Jacob Shrewsberry

6 teams from both NFL and NCAA

by Jacob Shrewsberry, Reporter

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The NFL is currently celebrating their 100th year. 

NFL fans care more about NFL players than they do about college players. College players come and go, but many NFL players play for so many years in one city that they become more than just stars.  Thye are icons. For example, Tom Brady has played for the Patriots for 19 years, his entire career. Brady has 717.2k followers on Twitter, fans who follow his every move. 

Another reason why I like the NFL more is they still have a lot of the same players that I have been watching ever since I was younger like Adrian Peterson. Adrian Peterson is a running back for the Redskins, but before that he played for the Vikings, Saints, and Cardinals.

Another reason is the NFL is around the time of my favorite holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years. 

The NFL is more about the players than the coaches. The people who should be getting the most attention are the people wearing pads and helmets on the field. 

The NFL is the start of being a professional athlete. The athletes in college football are just students who play football to support their school spirit.  Many will never see professional sports, and if you are not living in a college town, there is not much national interest.

Sophomore Kole Parks is a linebacker for lHS. He says he likes the catches that the NFL athletes make. It’s crazy when they make amazing catches like the Cleveland Browns’ Odell Beckham making  a one-handed catch.

The NFL is very competitive. The league has playoffs with teams battling against each other to make it to the biggest game of the year, the Superbowl. 

My favorite team in the NFL is the Washington Redskins. They routinely compete against teams we love to hate: Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants.

Since 1967, the Superbowl is one game played every year. Im looking forward to the superbowl halftime show this year featuring Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira.