True AP prepares girl’s lacrosse for upcoming season: Photo of the Day 2/22/18


Madeline Williamson

Sophomore Ella McCaffrey practices drills for her upcoming season at True AP.

by Leah Bolger, Reporter

On February 19, girls interested in spring lacrosse prepared for their season by taking part in True Athletic Performance (True AP). True Athlete Performance specializes in improving speed, agility, and quickness for athletes of any age, sport, or skill level.

True AP at Linganore is run by Josh Daniels, the leader of the Maryland Performance Staff and vice president for the company. True AP has a goal to transform young athletes into the best they can be. Daniels and his staff help to get their athletes bigger, faster, and stronger. The young athletes are also taught the proper ways to perform exercises and muscle movements.

“our focus is on improving athleticism,” said Daniels. “If we can help players build a solid foundation, they can perform their skills at much higher level, with more efficiency and for longer before fatigue sets in.”

True AP is very popular for students at Linganore. They love to work hard and know that True AP is a helpful tool they can use to get better at whatever sport or activity they do.

Sophomore Avery Robertson said,  “I really enjoy being able to stay in shape and conditioned for the season by attending True AP,”  She added,  “I’m expecting a successful lacrosse season because True AP has physically prepared me to be well conditioned, stronger, and quicker. This will help me stay energized on the field.”

True AP does everything from footwork, to endurance, to muscle strengthening. They work with Linganore in the fall, winter, and summer seasons to prepare student athletes for their desired sports.

“My favorite aspect of True AP is doing ladders because it works on quick footwork. I partake in True AP because it gets me ready for the lacrosse season and teaches me how to improve my athletic abilities. It’s also helped me by learning how to strengthen muscles that I wouldn’t normally use,” said Class of 2021 lacrosse player, Jaylin Graziano.

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