Student leadership gets on the loudspeaker: Photo Of the Day 9/13/19

Emily Webb and Matthew Moyer read the morning announcements.

Ashley Nash

Emily Webb and Matthew Moyer read the morning announcements.

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On September 9, Matthew Moyer, the SGA President and Emily Webb, Class of 2020 President read the announcements to the student body by loudspeaker, during the beginning of PREP. Announcements are now being read by the Student Leadership in the Linganore Student Government and Class Council.

“The video morning announcements were epic. I’m sad that they are not here anymore. However, I think having the SGA read them is a good change that will help us grow our skill set,” said Moyer, SGA President. Other officers expressed some concern because they know the whole school is hearing them.

Every week two new students will read the morning news. There are no longer video announcements because there were not enough students who signed up for Digital Communication.

The information includes upcoming events, honor societies, information about what is happening in the school, and sports updates.

Morgan Miller, Class of 2021 President said, “It’s great that students are getting involved because when the announcements are read by students rather than faculty, it feels more personal.”

Students who are out of the building and community members can read the morning announcements on or the school website.