Student journalists take fellow students under their wings in the Partner Story Project: Photo of the Day 1/23/2018


Andrew Lyons

Editor Jason Byrd and guest reporter Jordyn Vetter discuss what edits to make to their partner story

by Andrew Lyons, Reporter

With this semester coming to a close, classes are having their final assignments, and this is no different for Lancer Media, but with a few different purposes than the average final or benchmark.

The journalism students have been working on their partner stories, which are stories done with an official Lancer Media staff member and a student who doesn’t take the class. The point of the assignment is to introduce those who are interested in Journalism to the process of developing, writing, and publishing a story.

“When I was working with my partner, it was fun to teach someone who wasn’t in the class how the process of publishing a story happens,” said editor Jason Byrd.

The following is a sample of some of the work the reporters produced:

“21 Savage produces unique second album” by reporter Bailey Spore and guest reporter Nick Hayslett

“Registration process: the future is now!” by reporter Rachel McCoy and guest reporter Grace Coccagna

“AirPods: The new Gucci for Ears” by reporter Ashley Nash and guest reporter Elizabeth Rajnik

“Best Stan Lee cameos of all time” by reporter Haley Enders and guest reporter Lexi Keeling

“The hidden gem of FCPS: “Earn and Learn” with the Youth Apprenticeship Program” by reporter Cara Bond and guest reporter Allison Gagne

“Let’s get down to business: Intro to Business class learns ins and outs of working world” by editor Emily Webb and guest reporter Harry Heitzig

“Smash Ultimate smashes expectations: Players love new characters and modes” by reporter Dana Kullgren and guest reporter Alex Kullgren

“Aquaman— DC Comic rises to the surface but still sinks below Marvel” by reporter Maya Apau and guest reporter Daniel Apau