Science bubbles up in AP Biology: Photo of The Day 10/30/19


Students Ryan Miller and Andrew Lyons work on their bubble cell membrane lab.



by Carson Buck, Editor

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On October 30, Mrs. Beth Ericsson’s AP Biology class participated in an activity exploring the properties of the cell membrane. However, instead of reading and writing about the cell membrane, they used bubbles to represent the cell. Students in the class observed similarities between a cell membrane and a bubble membrane by performing different tasks with the bubble such as bouncing it up and down and placing objects inside the membrane.

“The bubble lab was fun and interesting. It offered a different view on something that usually seems so simple,” said junior Ryan Miller.

The lab used very messy materials that took awhile to clean up. The bubble solution was corn starch mixed with soap and water, which created a strong surface tension. The lab took the whole class and provided a unique hands-on learning experience.

“It was a fun interesting way to help visualize microscopic biology in a way we could see and understand,” said senior Laria Seyfried.

Ericsson’s class has a reputation for fun activities. Previous labs have been with items ranging from Oreos to potatoes.