Pre-Vet class has a big HEART for animal science: Photo of the Day 4/1/19

Nicolette Polidoro, Katelyn Lynch, Brandon Kline, Patricia Beachy, Emily McNally, Abby Heath, and Peyton Johnson dissect beef steer lungs.

by Emily McNally, Reporter

“Now remember everybody… scalpels are what?” Ms. Patricia Beachy said.

“Sharp!” Pre-Vet students responded.

Students were  excited to dissect a steer heart and lungs on March 25 and March 26.

Taylor Carbaugh
Patricia Beachy demonstrates on lungs as students Samantha Hagelin, Katelyn Lynch, Peyton Johnson, Peyton Marth, and Kiara Villari observe.

After grabbing a pair of gloves, everybody circled around the organs and waited for further instructions.  First Beachy showed everyone where the different parts of the lungs are and demonstrated as she cut into the esophagus.  She then let everyone feel where the bronchial tubes in the lungs branch off to the bronchi.  After that, students examined the lungs on their own.

On Tuesday, the class started on the steer heart.  Beachy had them locate different parts of the heart before they dissected it.  They named the right ventricle, the left ventricle, and the pulmonary artery.

“It was a very interesting way to learn. I found out that cow’s hearts can weight about 5 pounds or more” Abbey Heath said, “It was almost the size of my head!”

Pre-Vet Large was given this opportunity through a 4-H member in Frederick County, the owner of the beef steer. The steer was butchered and Mallick was able to bring in the heart and lungs for Beachy’s class to observe.

Taylor Carbaugh
Nicholette Polidoro holds up steer heart next to Samantha Hagein.

“This allows students to really get a good look at the internal systems of animals” Beachy said. “It’s also an excellent opportunity for students who are thinking they want to become veterinarians to see if they like doing this type of work.”

After they finish learning all the body systems, Pre-Vet students will be dissecting a fetal pig to examine all of the systems of the body.