Pom and Dance team twirls in excitement for upcoming competition season: Photo of the Day 11/11/19


Leah Bolger

Ashley Nash and Taylor Mitcham are judged on their turns by captains Lizzie Hall, Maddy Spisso, and Avé James.

by Leah Bolger, Editor

As football season comes to a close, the Pom and Dance team is just getting started. 

On Thursday November 7, the members of the team participated in tryouts for their  competition season. 

The tryout consisted of three portions: a technique section where girls could show off their special tricks and talents, a lyrical combo, and a jazz combo. 

During the season, each of the captains is assigned a dance genre that they will then have to choreograph for and teach to the selected dancers. Depending on the girl’s skill level, they will be chosen for either lyrical, jazz, or both dance groups. All team members will participate in the Pom and Kick dances. 

Co-captain Maddy Spisso will be in charge of leading the team in this year’s lyrical dance. Spisso has been on the team for three years and is excited to finally be able to take the creative lead on the dance. 

“Everyone tried their hardest and performed very well in the tryout, so it was definitely hard to make the decision surrounding who to cut and who to keep in the dance,” said Spisso. 

The Pom and Dance team will perform at numerous competitions across the region. MAPDA, the Mid Atlantic Pom and Dance Association, hosts these competitions across high schools around the country. An array of experienced judges will award teams in the three genres. Depending on how a team places throughout the competitions, they may be eligible to compete in States. 

Hoping to take home a trophy this year, Spisso said, “I hope to place high in our lyrical dance because I’d love to have everyone’s hard work and dance skills recognized. I strongly believe that I have some of the best dancers on our team, and, with a lot of practice, I know we will become better and win.”

With the competition season quickly approaching, the Pom and Dance team will be diligently working to learn and perfect their routines to take home their trophies. If interested in attending, contact Mrs. Richardson about the dates of each competition!