NEHS members write pen pal letters to Centerville first grade: Photo of the Day 4/23/19


Yesenia Montenegro

Angelique Fink and her pen pal met for the first time after writing letters.

by Yesenia Montenegro, Editor

In March and April, National English Honor Society members have been writing letters to their first grade pen pals. This is the fifth year Mrs. Beverly Lloyd’s first grade class at Centerville Elementary School has been sending pen pal letters to NEHS members.

In the letter exchanges, students talked about their favorite things to do, family, pets, what they want to be when they grow up, and their favorite thing about school. High school students received short letters, poems, and drawings from their pen pals. Students from both schools were randomly paired and got to know a lot about each other through their letters.

Yesenia Montenegro
Letters from the first graders included poems and drawings.

“Every time I got a letter from my pen pal, it made my day. I was so thrilled to see what she had written and what she had drawn. It made me really happy,” said junior Elizabeth Anderson.

Participants also had the opportunity to visit their pen pals on April 16. Each NEHS member brought a book to share with Mrs. Lloyd’s class, and each first grader had chosen a few books as well. One of the most popular choices among the 6-year-olds was Junie B. Jones

NEHS members read and colored with their pals. The first graders were very excited to have the opportunity to meet the person they had been writing letters to.

“My favorite part of the field trip was seeing how excited my pen pal was when I finally met her,” said Madelyn Kahler.

Beverly Lloyd
NEHS members and first graders read books and drew together.

The activity and field trip was organized by NEHS officer Alex Ismael.