Mu Alpha Theta and National English Honor Society celebrate Pi Day: Photo of the Day 3/14/19


Sarah Buckley

Madely Kahler, Dana Kullgren, Catherine Amereihn, Angelique Fink, and Nicole Stonestreet present their pi lines

by Yesenia Montenegro, Editor

On March 14, Mu Alpha Theta celebrated Pi Day with the help of the National English Honor Society. Members of both honor societies spent time after school making Pi Day crafts. There were about 20 to 25 people in attendance.

Students used grid paper to make “pi” lines (skylines) out of the digits of pi. They also had the opportunity to be creative with their crafts, so some made pumpkins, flowers, or watermelons instead of a skyline. Pi lines were decorated with colorful backgrounds and pictures.

A few days before Pi Day during PREP, students all around the school also participated in activities. PREP teachers received small circular pieces of paper. The students were asked to decorate and color the circles, which were hung up on Mainstreet in the shape of the pi symbol. Students decorated enough papers to make a huge display.

Yesenia Montenegro
Pi Day display on Mainstreet

For Pi Day, Mu Alpha Theta students also collected money to benefit Make a Wish Foundation. Math teachers and administrators from around the school volunteered to be pied in the face if they collected the most money. Students could choose which teacher their donation would go towards. Mrs. Doll ended up winning the competition with $129.56 and will be pied this week. 

This is not the first time the two honor societies have come together. They also hosted a game night together in February.

“We get more participation and are able to open activities up to a group of people that otherwise wouldn’t be able  to participate when both honor societies work together,” said Gia Haemmerle, the event coordinator for Mu Alpha Theta.

This is the second year of Mu Alpha Theta collecting money for charity and the first year of the pi lines and circles.

“This is definitely something we want to do again next year. Hopefully we can do it again and expand on it every year,” said Mrs. Weiss, math teacher and Mu Alpha Theta advisor.