Little Lancers celebrate Friendsgiving with a festive feast: Photo of the Day 12/6/19


courtesy of Shelby Rauh

Little Lancers celebrate Thanksgiving with their buddies.

by Leah Bolger, Editor

On November 26, the Little Lancer preschool hosted their own version of a Friendsgiving. This feast was held to honor the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving and teach the children about the meaning of giving thanks. 

The feast included an array of child-friendly foods such as pepperoni slices, apple sauce, and mac and cheese. The children were then able to choose what food they wanted to eat and were welcomed to seconds. 

This day was meant to be a buddy day where the preschoolers bonded with their paired student-teacher(s) and learned the meaning of giving thanks and being grateful. 

Leading up to the feast on Friday, the Little Lancers learned all about the holiday throughout the week through activities such as making hand turkeys and baking pies.

Hannah Ratchford, a senior and student of Child Development 3, organized the feast and made sure that all teachers had specific jobs. 

After successfully bringing everyone together for the feast, Ratchford said, “I think the Friendsgiving was very successful and both the children and teachers enjoyed themselves.”

“This event was the perfect opportunity to educate the children on proper etiquette at the dinner table and how to use their manners when trying new foods. My favorite part of Friendsgiving was asking my buddy what they were thankful for and hearing their responses,” said Ratchford. 

Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate those around you whether that be friends or family. By having a Friendsgiving, the Little Lancers learned exactly what it means to be thankful for what they have.