Journalism holds the first annual Paper Plate Awards: Photo of the Day 1/25/19


Ethan Hart

Natalie Rebetsky awards Spencer Derrenberger with “The Genius” award.

by Ethan Hart, Managing Editor

On January 24, the staff of The Lance held their first annual Paper Plate Awards. The awards ceremony was held during second and third period for each journalism class. Journalism students gave each other decorated paper plates with an award on each plate.

The first year journalism students made the Journalism 2, 3, and 4 students their awards, while the more experienced journalism students made plates for the first year students.

Some of the notable awards were Ethan Hart winning the “Hart of Future Journalism” award, Co-Editors in Chief Beau Cameron and Emily Reed winning the “Bad Cop” and “Good Cop” award respectively, and Braden Weinel winning the “Insider” award.

Ashley Nash also won the “Ms. Congeniality” award. “I feel so amazing. I’m glad that my friend Sammie Hoefs, who made my award, thought of me like that.”

Hoefs also received the “Brutally Honest” award from Class of 2021 Tabitha Moses. “The award really fits me. Someone in our class has to step up to the plate.”

Journalism teacher Natalie Rebetsky came up with the idea from her nephew. “My nephew was involved with soccer, and his team did paper plate awards. All the kids would save their plates every year. I thought it would be a good idea for our class, and that it would be a lot of fun.”

Journalism is a class that is offered in both semesters. With the registration process for next year’s classes underway, make sure to consider taking Journalism in the future.