Horticulture says “I do” to making flowers arrangements for local wedding: Photo of the Day 5/24/19


Ashley Baker

Mr. Hawthorne helps Lacee Larman arrange a bouquet for Saturday’s wedding.

by Bailey Bennett, Reporter

On May 16 and 17, Mr. Hawthorne’s horticulture 2, 3, and 4 students worked diligently to create various flower piece for a local wedding.

This particular wedding was for Linganore alumni, Jessie Turner and her fiancé. The wedding took place on May 18. 

The horticulture class made over 40 pieces for the wedding. This included centerpieces, bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. It took them only two days to complete.

Jessie Turner with her new husband surrounded by flowers made by Linganore horticulture.

The flowers used were coral and white to fit the scheme of the wedding. According to Hawthorne, the bride was very pleased with the end result.

Horticulture makes flowers for about five weddings per year, in addition to making flowers for events such as homecoming and prom.

The average cost of a wedding flower package is $3,000. Hawthornes class charges significantly less per piece. Purchasing flowers from the horticulture department can save thousands and help our school. If you are interested in getting flowers from the horticulture department you can contact Mr. Tom Hawthorne.

“My favorite part of horticulture is Mr. Hawthorne. He knows what he is doing, but he also isn’t afraid to bust out a dance move and have fun,” said Rachel Eaves, Class of 2020.