Digital Communications holds bottle flipping contest: Photo of the Day 2/6/19


Bailey Bennett

Rachael Easterday competes against Madison Stanfield in the bottle flipping contest.

by Bailey Bennett, Reporter

On February 4, Mr. Roger Rich’s digital communications class held a bottle flipping contest on Main Street during PREP. One competition was between Mrs. Rachael Easterday and Class of 2020 Madison Stanfield. This was the second match out of four. Each match is between a teacher and a student. The person with the record for most landed flips after all four matches will face Principal Nancy Doll in the finals.

Rich said, “We are trying to target our audience (the students) and make the announcements fun for them.”

The goal of this competition is to land the most bottle flips in 15 seconds. Easterday came out victorious, landing the bottle twice in the 15 second time period. 

Easterday said, “This was my first time doing it [bottle flipping] so it was fun to compete against the students.”

Doll is not intimidated by the final challenge. “I am so confident that I am going to be able to flip that bottle. I’ve watched it [bottle flipping] so many times I think I have the technique down.” 

Mr. Jordan Dixon, Christian Nolan and Matt Schiller have currently all landed three flips. The final match versus Mrs. Doll will take place soon.

Make sure to watch the announcements every day in PREP to see this contest unfold!