Crew of Beauty and the Beast work on stage pieces and tech : Photo of the Day 3/11/19


Emily Watson

Junior Olivia Pietanza and freshman Elena Everett work together to finish a set piece.

by Madeline Hull, Reporter

On March 8 the crew of the spring musical, Beauty and the Beast worked specifically on tech and building props before the big performances in April. 

For months the cast and crew have been working non stop to ensure a perfect performance. Auditions started in December and since then, rehearsal has been almost every day.

“It’s everyone working together to create an amazing show,” said Emily Watson. 

 Hanna Dufresne is the tech manager for the musical, and Beau Cameron is the student director.

The crew took their head shots while trying to get set pieces completed. Kate Stadter went right to work to finish building the staircase set made of soda bottles and PVC pipe. The crew started constructing the set about a month ago, and are, unfortunately, a little bit behind due to all the snow days.

“The show is coming along well! Every tech day we make a good amount of progress, and the actors and techies put a lot of effort into making this show the best it can be,” Dufresne said. 

There will be in total five shows starting on April 11 at 7pm, April 12 at 7pm, April 13 there will be two show with the matinee starting at 2pm and the evening show at 5pm and the final show will be on April 14th at 2pm.

Tickets for the show are on sale now.