Bridge collapse project delights AP Calculus students: Photo of the Day 6/11/2019


Taylor Ferguson and Gerald Fattah apply weights to their bridge.

by Ashley Martin and Grace Corbitt

On June 4 2019, Mr. William Eckard challenged his  AP Calculus class to build a bridge out of Popsicle sticks and hot glue in order to hold 200 pounds on top of it without breaking. This project was designed to test the students architectural skills and to see how well the class could figure out how to disperse the weight exerted onto the bridge.

Mr. Eckard awarded Jack Rich, Warren Stewart, and Gerald Fattah with the best bridge. Unfortunately Val McNeil, Joseph Paparello, and Allison Gagne group’s bridge only held 20 pounds, which ended up being the weakest bridge.

Stewart, Rich, and Fattah used an arch design while everyone else used the traditional triangle design. They also added supports on the sides so the bridge wouldn’t tip over. Their bridge held 200 pounds for 50 seconds and then tipped over.

McNeil said ” I think we could have done better job and could have taken a better approach.”