AP French students get passionate about French culture with Passion Projects: Photo of the Day 6/4/19


Alexis Fowler

AP French students work on a “break-out” project to learn more about French culture.

by Emily Webb and Alexis Fowler

AP French is channeling their end-of-year post AP test/summer excitement into the Passion Project. This assignment encourages students to learn about something they’re interested in, while still learning and exploring French culture.

The Passion Project focuses on three main topics: products, practices and perspectives of French culture.

AP French student Valerie McNeill compared and contrasted the French Revolution and the American Revolution. At the end of her presentation, she had an interactive Jeopardy! game for the class to play. 

“I really enjoyed getting to connect French to history, another subject I’m passionate about,” said McNeill.

Junior Dana Kullgren chose to dive into the life of Belgian singer-songwriter Angèle, who is famous in France.

“My passion project was one of the most educational experiences I’ve had in AP French. I got to do a lot of research on my topic and listen to her music, learn about her life, and read about contemporary issues in France,” said Kullgren.

This project was received well by students–many enjoyed the freedom following their own interests.

“Overall, I thought this project was really fun and helped me learn a lot more about France, its language, and its culture,” said Kullgren.