Rock On: Nicholas Pare releases new album at LHS rock concert


Emily Webb

Nicholas Pare, Bob Pare, Alec Barnhart, Jeff Barnhart, and Kyle Stuhler perform at the concert.

by Emily Webb, Editor

On January 11, junior musician Nicholas Pare held a concert to release his new music from his debut record, Memory.

courtesy of Robert and Mary Ellen Jester
Nicholas Pare performs at the concert.

Pare has been playing guitar for years and recently created an original album with songs that he wrote and plays lead guitar. The concert, where he released his new music, was in the works for months. 

“The concert isn’t just my songs, we are doing a bunch of covers, it’s going to be really cool,” said Pare in the days leading up to his concert.

Preparing for the concert took a lot of time and planning between getting approval from the school, rehearsing, and setting up the instruments.

“We’re using all of our own equipment, so it takes a while to set up. If I’m nervous about anything, it’s making sure the setup runs smoothly. Playing is the fun part,” said Pare.

Performing with him at the concert was Bob Pare, his father, on guitar; Alec Barnhart on drums; Jeff Barnhart, Alec’s father, on bass guitar; and Kyle Stuhler performing vocals. The concert had a great turnout with around 400 people from the school and community attending. 

courtesy of Robert and Mary Ellen Jester
Nicholas Pare and his father, Bob Pare, perform at the concert.

The concert featured two of his original songs, “I Want More” and “Slipping Away.” Additionally, the audience really responded to the covers “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys, “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey, and “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard.

Pare and his band had a very relaxed stage presence. Their fun and upbeat energy translated to the crowd: everyone was cheering and singing along. Between the lighting, sound, and music, Pare and his band mates transformed the auditorium into a full blown rock concert.

Class of 2020 member Hunter Wolf, who attended the concert, said,”I thought the concert was great. Nick and the band were awesome and I would love to see them play again.”

Pare’s goal for the concert was simple: “I want people to be able to experience a true rock concert that’s visually epic and sounds badass.”

Interested in Pare’s new music? Check it out on any digital music platform.