Students get a “voice” during special field trip to discuss problems: Photo of the Day 2/5/19


Braden Weinel

Students from around the county gather to discuss school issues.

by Braden Weinel, Editor

On February 4, students travelled to the Frederick County Public Schools staff development building for a Student Voices field trip. They joined others from Frederick, Oakdale and Governor Thomas Johnson High Schools. The purpose of this field trip was to build unity throughout our county and to get other perspectives of problems in our school system.

Earlier in the school year, over 30 students at Linganore gathered in the Learning Commons for a day-long program centered around improving the school and the community. They participated in icebreakers, games, and discussions to build relationships and learn leadership skills in order to make the community a better place.

The Student Voices Program is run by FCPS leaders Eric Louérs-Phillips, Toby Huesser, and Colleen Bernard. These FCPS employees were tasked to create a program where students from schools around the county can connect with each other and look for solutions to problems in the system. The Student Voices motto is “One FCPS.” Their goal is to make certain that every student voice is heard and understood, no matter their race, ethnicity, or background.

Oakdale senior, Simeon Nelson said, “It’s interesting to see how people from different walks of life are actually very similar.”

During the field trip, students broke into what they called “home groups.” Each group had an FCPS faculty member accompany them. Students engaged in discussion topics and got to know each other. This field trip ended with a pizza lunch for all the students and staff.

The next step for the Student Voices program will be on March 14. Students from other schools will come to Linganore and shadow a host to see what a typical day at Linganore is like. Other students from Linganore will go to Oakdale, Frederick, or TJ high school to experience a school day there.

Sophomore, Ashley Nash said, “I think it will help students get a new perspective of other schools and will be beneficial for all.”

This is the first year for the Student Voices program and it has been a huge catalyst for change.