Linganore v. Middletown Varisty volleyball battles for a win; Photo of the day 10/12/18


The girls fight for a win against Middletown.

by Emiy DiPasquale, Reporter

Linganore (2-5)  and Middletown (0-5)  faced off on October 11 to put another win in the books.  The match ended with LHS victorious, a trend which is increasing, as some early games were disappointing losses.

During the first period of play, the team made some outstanding saves and had strong rallies while using the home advantage to close the deal.

Grace Coccagna played her part and traveled all around the court to score her team another point. They battled hard, concluding the first period as 25-21.

During the second period, the girls dominated over Middletown by setting each other up for success as well. There was a lot of communication on the court. Reagan Walsh’s astonishing spikes during the game left Middletown worried. LHS fell behind a couple points but were able to come back. The second period ending as the score was 25-19.

Grace Coccagna said, “I felt like we played really good and made less mistakes.”

As the third period began, there was a noticeable loss of energy and speed. The girls fell behind a few points, but made a tremendous effort to get those points back. They finished this period 21-25 Middletown.

The girls were determined to win the fourth period.  Emma France was able to get some good spikes off the ball and left the other team frustrated. Each point they won made it a even more promising win which fed the hype.

Julia Gladhill said, ” Coach Poffinburger made a smart change to the line up so we could win more games.”

The 4th period ended as 25- 14, giving Linganore another success.

Vasity’s overall record is now 3-5

Their next game is set for October 18 at 7pm here at Linganore against Wiliamport as well as the JV game beforehand at 5:30pm.