Staff celebrates spring with Soup-palooza: Photo of the Day 3/22/18


Natalie Rebetsky

Mark Shiderly makes grilled cheese for Soup-a-Palooza.

by Tymira Davis, Reporter

The third annual Soup-a-palooza was held for teachers and staff. They had the idea of bringing in soups, chilies, and chowders and have a contest on who could make the best of each. 

The Award for Best Soup goes to Chris Bittner for his Grandma Helen’s Veggie Soup. The Award for Best Chili goes to Denise Constantine for Champion Chili Blanco. The Award for Best Chowder goes to Leslie Byrd for her Crab and Corn Chowder.

“My wife and I have a very strong relationship and love cooking together. The reason why I picked  this dish is because her grandmother who had passed away was named “Helen. I didn’t really make it.  My wife did. But I still won,” said Bittner.

Jeremy Brown won Best in Show for his Baked Potato Soup.  It was the most appealing to the eye.

Mrs. Tony Shiderly supervised this event and her son, Mark Shiderly, 2016 graduate,  made grilled cheese sandwiches go with the meals.  

“I came to the school in the morning, around the time when school starts, and started making the grilled cheese sandwiches all the way until 3rd block so that any staff or teacher that wanted one could just come in and grab it,” Shiderly said.

“The only soup I make is tomato soup; unfortunately, it doesn’t win but everyone likes it, and what goes better with grilled cheese sandwiches if it’s not tomato soup?” Shiderly said.

Staff members won the coveted “Lancer Ladle Award.”