New members say “Bonjour” to the world language honor societies: Photo of the Day 5/17/18


New inductees take a picture with Madame Blonder after the ceremony.

by Sammie Hoefs, Reporter

On May 16, the French, Spanish and German Honor Societies held their annual induction to welcome new members.

The new French honor society members passed a candle and as they said their motto, “La personne qui sait deux langues en veut deux.” (“The person who knows two languages, is worth two people.”)

The French group made their pledge: “Par ce flambeau,/symbole du transfert des Connaissances, /  je m’engage à continuer sans relâche/ mes efforts pour m’instruire / et transmettre aux futures générations / mon amour pour la langue et la culture françaises.”

(“By this torch, / symbol of the transfer of Knowledge, / I pledge to continue relentlessly / my efforts to educate myself / and pass on to future generations / my love for the French language and culture.”)

The French Honor Society welcomes Anna Arrington, Maria Bernal, Micah Brown, Anna Choudhary, Jack Christy, Margaret Clugston, Kiannah Davy, Alexis Duda, Justin Filigenzi, Samantha Hoefs, Hope Kingsley, Valerie McNeill, Matthew Moyer, Caitlin Peigh, Ashley Perise, Sierra Rossman, Kara Roth, and Sofia Toccalino.

The seniors were congratulated and given their cords during the ceremony. The French Honor Society said goodbye to Ani Boghossian, Jordan Cencula, Erin Doyle, Joee Folb, Sarah Hall, Morgan Harris (Secretary), Olivia Hubble (Vice President), Tommy Moyer (Treasurer), Madison Reeley, Sofia Schuller (President), Paul Servary, Kelsey Ward, and Annalise Young.

For the French induction, an active member Joee Folb was a vocalist for the event.

Madame Blonder, the Sponsor of the French Honor Society said, “The importance of the French Honor Society is to recognize the academic achievement of the students who put a lot of hard work to get recognition for how much effort they have put in. Also joining a World Language is a great way to understand the importance of global culture and interactions between different nations and culture.”

Sofia Toccalino, one of the new members of the French Honor Society said, “French has grown my knowledge of another culture. It’s fun to be able to learn about another country and compare culture and experience different foods.”

The Spanish and German Honor Society had their induction as well: Latin holds theirs separately.

The German Honor Society inducted Ethan Butehorn, Logan Damon, Jack DuBro, Spencer Derrenberger, Morgan Fink, Patricia Hatley, Olivia Pietanza, Emily Reed, Payton Twiford, and Jordan Webb.

The Spanish Honor Society inducted Kyle Bedard, Clare Beiter, Claudia Bremer, Connor Browne, Colin Choudhary, Bridget Curtis, Valerie Ducos, Angelique Fink, Payton Ford, Harrison Heitzig, Yesenia Montenegro, Megan Reesman, Matthew Strahlman, Devin Wynne, and Julianna Zemil.