Key Club plans Breast Cancer walk, Trick or Treat and more: Photo of the Day 10/15/18


Ashley Nash

Jane Quackenbush shares with the club the structure of all the Key Clubs.

by Ashley Nash, Reporter

September 12 was the first time that the Linganore Key Club met. The adviser, Mr. Jeremy Brown, and the student leaders, Jane Quackenbush, Erika Katsumoto, Collen Avila, Charlotte Moore, and Shelby Tkacik introduced the Key Club mission to the rest of the group.

The club is international, with similar clubs found in countries around the world.  The group talked about events that are being planned and events they want to attend. They plan to create a team for Mt. Airy Breast Cancer Walk.

Key Club takes their picture for the yearbook.

Key Club is the oldest and largest service organization for high school students, created in 1925 and spreading to 38 countries. Their motto is ‘Caring – Our way of Life’. They embrace this motto when supporting activities outside and inside the school.

“I wanted to President of Key Club because I’ve loved being involved in service through the club. I wanted to give the group some new energy this year,” said President Jane Quackenbush, Class of 2019.

Zach Tilmont, Class of 2021, said, “I love involving myself into the community, and being a helping hand. I feel as if it is the “Key” to succeed in life.”

Key club is planning a Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund). Club members will circulate during lunch collecting money that will be donated. Also, they are planning to do “Boo Grams.” These are sold at lunch and can be sent to anyone in the school.

“I greatly encourage people to donate because just a few dollars can go a long way in improving the lives of children all over the world,” said Quackenbush.

Although the club is very involved in the community, they also have social events. In November, they are planning to have a Charlie Brown Social. They will watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and eat food featured in the movie. This is to help the members get to know each other better.

Coming up in the next few weeks, they will have a collection box for soda can tabs in the cafeteria. These will go to the Ronald McDonald House. The house is a hotel for children and families that are in hospitals near the hotel. The house collects these tabs and turns them into money, which is used to pay for the gas of the shuttle buses and other things needed around the house. The buses take the people to and from the hospital.