Huge crowds demand gun reform at March for our Lives: Photo of the Day 3/24/18


Devin Barge

Teacher stands in protest with a strong message.

by Devin Barge, Co-Editor-In-Chief

On  March, 24, an estimated 800,000 marchers for the movement #Neveragain, led by the surviving students of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, was held at the nation’s capitol. The program  began at 12:15 with speakers that included Parkland students, students from Chicago, and special guest, Yolanda Renee King.

King had such a stage presence has she continued on with the dream of her grandfather by saying, “I have a dream too, that enough is enough,”

The event included a line-up of artists and performers including Andra Day, Common, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Platt, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and Jennifer Hudson.

Marchers came as far as Chicago as a couple speakers brought to light the long-ignored presence of gun violence in the rural cities of America.

“I’m tired of our city being pushed off to the side by our government, as they try to adjust their focus away from a troubled Chicago,” said 21-year-old Tori Johnson, a college activist from the city of Chicago.

Gun reform bills have never seen this much attention from a crowd this large in American history.

“Even though I am young, I, and a lot of young people my age, have influence on the legislation in our country and can work to change the things we don’t like or agree with if we choose to,” said senior Sophia Posada.

The Parkland survivors have galvanized the youth, have gained supporters each step along the way to the end goal of passing legislation for stricter regulated gun control laws. The most notable of the Parkland students, Emma Gonzalez has been relentless on speaking her mind about the faults of government and where they have to improve.

As the march came to a close, Gonzalez was the one of the last speakers onstage, and she needed no introduction as she approached the podium. After reading off the names of her former classmates and the things that they would never be able to do again, she stood in silence. This silence was a symbol of the six minutes and twenty seconds it took for the shooter, Nikolas Cruz to mow down 17 students, ditch his weapon, and blend in with the crowd of terrified students.

As activists continue to make strides to push for stricter gun control reform, as politicians and elected officials continue to do nothing, when election comes up, those who are registered to vote that are behind this movement, will vote to kick them out of office.