Digital Communications expands to weather and more: Photo of the Day 10/19/18


Christian Nolan

Cameraman Greyson Grunwald is recording reporters Jack Speilman, and Ricky Guariglia

by Christian Nolan, Sports Editor

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Life in Digital Communications is all about timing.

Kyle Purdum said, ¨The hardest part about this class is being able to get videos out on time. We have to plan out what we are going to ask during the interviews, which usually take 10-15 minutes. Then when we go down to record [the interview]. The amount of time it takes to get it done depends if the camera is working or not.¨

Although some tasks are difficult, there is a fun and friendly atmosphere while working.

Greyson Grunwald said, “This class is very enjoyable. It´s because of all the new things I get to learn every day. I would recommend this to other students. It´s a good learning environment and it’s a good way to learn more about the technical side of producing.”

The Digital Communications class is starting The NFHS which allows community members who missed sporting events to watch them online for a small price of $9.95 a month, to stay at home and cheer at the same time.

Mr. Greene said “Mr.Rich started it at Oakdale and brought it here. We are collaborating with the Millionaire’s club to generate income through the sale of advertisements that will be aired on the live stream as well as other Lancer Media outlets.”