Class of 2018: Mu Alpha Theta seniors celebrate 29 days left with a math problem


Allison King

Mu Alpha Theta seniors pose for day 29 senior countdown photo on Main Street.

Senior members of the honor society, Mu Alpha Theta, kicked off their 29 senior days with none other than a math problem! Members gathered on Main Street to snap a photo of the math problem they solved. The honor society has 42 graduating seniors this year. 

Mu Alpha Theta has participated in many events, such as Pi Day activities, math competitions, game nights and and Letters for Hope. Officers include Carolyn Payne, Anna Young, Kate Query, Christian Chesnut and Richard Zhang. They have planned a trip to Hershey Park, which members will go on in May.

Both members and officers have enjoyed being a part of Mu Alpha Theta over the years.

Special Events Coordinator Richard Zhang says his favorite memory from Mu Alpha Theta has to be the induction. “Seeing all of the people that have an interest in mathematics is great. It’s a time where you can meet new friends and be introduced to new people. Especially as an officer, it’s great to see so many people joining Mu Alpha Theta and participating in the events.”

Zhang will be a part of the University of Maryland Honors College in the fall. He intends to double major in mathematics and computer science with minor in economics.

“My favorite part of Mu Alpha Theta is tutoring people in prep because I love to help people,” said member Hannah Lemen. Lemen will be attending Messiah College in the fall to study Spanish and get a teaching certification K-12. 

Vice President of Tutoring Anna Young is going to miss her calculus teacher and Mu Alpha Theta adviser, Mrs. Jen Purgason. “There are so many great teachers at Linganore, but my favorite is Mrs. Purgason. She was my amazing and dedicated calculus teacher. She is a really nice and funny person who I’ve learned so much from. Her main priority is always helping her students succeed. I am really going to miss her next year.” Young plans to attend the University of South Carolina Honors College to study biochemistry and molecular biology and minor in neuroscience.

All of these seniors share mixed emotions about their fast approaching graduation date. 

“I’m going to miss all the people at Linganore,” said member Sarah Hall. “A huge reason why I’ve had such a great high school experience is the community we have here. I think it’s pretty special.” Hall will be attending College Park in the fall to study mechanical engineering.  

Lars Eklund is going to miss seeing his friends and Mr. Pat Greene. “Mr. Greene is my bro,” said Eklund. “He is a teacher I feel like I can talk to as more than just a teacher.” Eklund hasn’t officially made his decision between Purdue University or University of Maryland, but he intends to study mechanical engineering.

“I am going to miss the teachers and staff who have supported me throughout high school,” said Mu Alpha Theta president Carolyn Payne. “I’m especially going to miss Mrs. Purgason, Mr. Lastova, and Mr. Greene. My high school experience wouldn’t have been the same without them.”  Payne is excited to attend the University of Maryland in the fall to study civil engineering.

Keep your eyes peeled for more countdown pictures and stories in the days to come from the Lance