Asian Culture Club shows Chinese film: Photo of the Day 4/20/18


Grace Gaydosh

Junior Alex Gresh serves himself some dumplings and egg rolls.

by Grace Gaydosh, Editor

On April 20, the Asian Culture Club met during PREP. Larry Liu brought in Chinese food, specifically dumplings and egg rolls which he got from the food company Beijing. Mrs. Michelle Richardson, supervisor of the club, brought in a movie called To Livea Chinese film by Zhang Yimou.

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize and Best Actor awards at the Cannes Film Festival, the film is about the life of a couple, Fugui and Jiazhen, who struggle to survive cultural changes once they lose their fortune.

“I think the movie was a good choice for not only the Asians in the club, but also the others who have probably never seen a Chinese movie,” said Liu.

The club, run by Mike Mauro and Larry Liu, has met three other times. They have come up with different activities such as drawing Chinese words and symbols, a Chinese drinking game, and a slideshow learning about Asian culture.

“I like this club because it shows different views and we get to learn about the culture more in depth,” said sophomore Shannon Kleinmann.