Business students take field trip to fastest growing company in the nation


courtesy of Roger Rich

Business students meet with founder of Soldierfit, Danny Farrar

by Braden Weinel, Reporter

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On November 27, the Introduction to Business classes took a field trip to Soldierfit in Frederick to get a first-hand perspective on how to start, run, and grow a business. The parent company of Soldierfit was created by eight-year army veteran, Danny Farrar. Soldierfit was named the fastest growing company in 2016 and 2017.

After giving the visiting students a tour of his Frederick facility, Ferrar spoke to them about his background and gave advice about philanthropy, franchising, marketing, and grit.

“I’ve never been in it for the money. Running a company is about helping your community,” said Farrar.

Farrar, alongside his best friend and business partner, Dave Posin have built the company from the ground up. Farrar came from a difficult childhood but was given a boost by his former martial arts teacher. Because of Farrar’s determination and strong work ethic, he was able to turn his life around with. The main goal of Soldierfit is the chance to transform people’s lives.

This field trip gave the students the rare opportunity to see a growing local business. Mr. Roger Rich’s goal for this field trip was to introduce the business students to owners and entrepreneurs and to hear their stories.

“I wanted to reinforce our classroom learning with reality,” said Rich.

The students enjoyed visiting Farrar’s company and came out of the trip with more knowledge about managing a business.

Garrett Schwartzbeck said, “It was very interesting listening his (Farrar’s) life story and hearing about how he found a way to come out on top even though he started at rock bottom.”

Soldierfit has nine locations across Maryland and Virginia, with three more locations opening soon in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Colorado.

After visiting Soldierfit, the students stopped at Noodles World Kitchen for lunch because they completed a business project involving that restaurant earlier in the year.