Band marches in parade and competition


Courtesy of Tracie Toothaker

The band marches through the streets of New Market

by Emily Lotito, Reporter

On September 29  in the historical town of New Market, the band marched along side many others in the homecoming parade. After weeks of practicing for football games and competitions, the band and color guard showed off their skills to small crowd gathered along the sidewalks in the small town. In the parade the band played “Patriots on Parade.”

Also the drum section played a cadence that was written by Mr. Kevin Lloyd.

There were floats designed by students from every class. The royalty rode in designated cars. Poms, the GSA, the alumni and others also participated.

Later that day, the band headed to Westminster to play in their competition. Their theme for this year is New York. So while they play, the music consists of quick tempos, car and alarm sounds, and drumming on trash cans. All of this is composed by Ian Grom.

Lyra Garrett, A freshman in band talked about performances she did the past years and gave some advice to people playing at competitions or even parades.

She said, “Play strong or get vaporized. Just not loud that your the only one being heard.”