The halfway mark is time for reflection and anticipation

Mrs. Rebetskys 9th grade English class poses for an end-of-semester selfie.

Natalie Rebetsky

Mrs. Rebetsky’s 9th grade English class poses for an end-of-semester selfie.

by Emily Webb, Reporter

With Semester 1 coming to a close, students were both excited and reflective.

What was your favorite class this semester?

Byrd: “I enjoyed journalism because it wasn’t stressful and it was a nice break from my other classes.”

Class of 2020 member Ave Boghossian-James said, “I liked sports medicine because I am interested in the topic for my career.”

Khelsa Connolly, junior, said, “I really liked physics because it is interesting to know how everything works.”

Senior Alanah Follis said, “My favorite class was AP Chemistry because I love working with others and doing labs.”

What are you looking forward to next semester?

Byrd said,  “I am looking forward to getting new classes and starting new subjects.”

Boghossian-James said, “I am looking forward to independent living.”

Connolly said, “I am excited for AP Psychology because it seems really interesting. I like the switch in classes because it helps the year go by faster and helps keep me interested.”

Follis said, “I am looking forward to Orchestra because I get to play my heart out and resume my passion for producing music. I am very excited because there will be new things to learn and it means I’m closer to graduation.”


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