Welcome Class of 2021: Student Government and Class Councils in High School


Some of SGA’s events throughout the year. Photos from SGA website.

by Alex Ismael, Reporter

SGA (Student Government Association) at the high school level is much different than it is at the middle school level. People who are a part of SGA and their Class Council are more involved and much more action happens every month of the year.

Linganore is proud to have an active SGA, in charge of many events throughout the year. The success of the program is largely due to the advisor, Mr. Jeremy Brown.

At Linganore, there are two main parts that make the SGA effective: SGA as a club and Class Councils.

The way you join these clubs is by signing up during the club fair in the fall.

The SGA club is open to the entire student body, regardless of grade level. Join this club and you have access to attend GA’s (General Assemblies) throughout the year. They are held during prep in auditorium on the club’s cycle.

Club members will vote on school-wide decisions, plan fundraisers for service projects (approximately one per term) and much more.

On the other hand, Class Councils consist of specifically those in your grade level. As a freshman, you will want to join Class of 2021 Council to make class-wide decisions. Joining will put you on the roster to attend Class Council meetings.

These meetings include fundraising (Each year, the junior class plans prom, so start raising money for that now!), class-based service projects (something on behalf of your class, rather than the entire school) and anything else you can come up with!

Why join either (or both) of these clubs?

Mrs. Twiford, freshman Class Council advisor this past year said, “It’s a great way to find out what’s going on in the school. Taking part in Homecoming, Lancer Candy Lane, and community service.”

You may be wondering what is involved with these two clubs. To do the bare minimum, you can show up to the meetings. But just showing up is no fun. Take part in the discussion and voice your opinions! Speaking at the school-wide GAs can be scary at first, but don’t be afraid to share your thoughts.

Other than taking part in the conversations, taking part in SGA is the easiest way to be a part of school events! There are many events throughout the year, such as Lancers Against Cancer (October – Breast Cancer Awareness, events like pink outs at games and collecting donations), the Egg Nog Jog (an event near Christmas where you run 2 miles and drink egg nog every quarter mile! (I’m co-chairperson this year for that so come see me for more information!), the Polar Bear Plunge (also known as the Cool School Challenge, raising money for the Maryland Special Olympics, where you get to jump into the freezing cold Chesapeake Bay in January) and many more!

A final point to keep in mind is titles and positions do not equate to a positive mark on your resume or college applications. Many people believe that if they have a position it will look great for employers and colleges. In reality, it is more important to have the details of what you did to back up the position. The key is to have experiences rather than titles.

This goes both ways. Just because you don’t have a leadership position does not mean you can’t do anything. You have the power to step up and find a place in SGA or your Council. If you really are vying for a position, check in with Mr. Brown to see what’s still open, but don’t be afraid to step up and participate without a title.

There is opportunity even farther beyond the school. SGA has countywide and even statewide counterparts. FCASC (Frederick County Association of Student Councils, the county level), has many meetings and events that have impact at a county level, rather than school by school. Taking part in FCASC gives you opportunity to meet other representatives from other high schools (and some middle schools) from across FCPS.

Linganore is lucky to also be the home school of this coming year’s FCASC President, Josh Watson. He is very involved here at Linganore, and at the county and state levels, too.

MASC (Maryland Association of Student Councils), on the other hand, takes this leadership opportunity to a statewide level. Students from all across the state of Maryland take part in these events and meetings. The events held throughout the year are great to expand leadership skills and meet people from different walks of life.

Opinions and challenges found in Allegany County (with a total of three high schools) are a stark contrast to those of students in Prince George’s County. In Prince George’s county, students are involved in SGA by enrolling in a class across 26 different high schools. For the Eastern Shore, on the other hand, Student Council alliances are a combination of many counties because there are not as many schools in each county.

Meeting people at MASC will for sure broaden horizons for how different lives a lead across the state, leaving you to wonder what the entire country or global scale would be like.

Overall, taking part in both of these clubs connects you on a school-wide level (or bigger if you choose!) and adds to your resume (if you do the work, that is!). It is great for leadership experiences, joining in on positive causes and keeping up with happenings in and around the community.