Erick Stutz signs to play lacrosse for Wheeling Jesuit University


Natalie Rebetsky

Erick Stutz signs his National Letter of Intent as his high school coach, Stan Swoyer, congratulates him.

On November 8, Erick Stutz signed his National Letter of Intent to play lacrosse at Wheeling Jesuit University. Stutz faced a whirlwind journey to get where he is today, having to endure changes of position and several teams. In eighth grade, he played short stick midfielder. Then Stutz played long stick midfielder his freshman year on JV. He was moved up to varsity his sophomore year and again played long stick midfielder on a team that won the 2A/3A state championship. Even with his success, Stutz’s Lax Factory coach, as well as a current University of Delaware coach, Trey Wilkes, thought he would have to change positions to play in college.

Stutz was undaunted.

“He told me that he would do anything it takes to play college lacrosse,” Wilkes said.

Wilkes recommended that he switch to faceoff midfielder, and that’s exactly what Stutz did his junior year. The switch didn’t affect Stutz’s performance; the team still went to the state semifinals.

“He embodies the personality of our team,” Erick’s high school coach, Stan Swoyer, said.

Wheeling Jesuit was the clear choice for Stutz for other factors besides athletics. He choose the school in part because the psychology program. He wants to minor in education. He hopes to become a guidance counselor after graduating.

His friend and teammate, Patrick Coggins, also committed to Wheeling Jesuit. Together, the two hope to contribute to bettering the college lacrosse team’s 2017 record of 6-8.  Also Coggins and Stutz plan to room together.

Stutz’s mother, Brenda Kapsch, has been one of his biggest supporters throughout his career. She says that the hardest part about her son leaving is having to pack all of his possessions up, but, most importantly, saying “goodbye.” She says her son is a very dedicated athlete with incredible perseverance.

Kapsch said, “Erick and I met with his club coach who gave us some guidance, so we worked hand in hand with him. But in the end, the choice was really up to Erick.”

Kapsch is a huge supporter of her son, and Stutz is very thankful for everything she does for him.