Students go “way back” on Wednesday: Photo of the Day 11/1/17


Hannah Haught

(From left to right) Nicholas Lopatka, Spencer Askine, Breyden Blakley, Kenny McQuay, Carolyn Payne, and Sarah Hall pose in their retro outfits

by Hannah Haught, Co-Editor-In-Chief

For the third spirit day of homecoming week, students were challenged to take their appearances “way back” and dress from a different era.

Typically, Wednesday’s for spirit week are Wacky Tacky Wednesdays, replaced this year by Mixed Up Monday. This new spirit day saw students from all different times walking through the halls. (Although the ‘80s were clearly a popular choice)

In the 2016-2017 school year a similar spirit day took place titled Back To The Future Day (No weekday alliteration in the title)

Class of 2018 member, Erica Houck, said, “I think people had a lot more creativity this year, and I saw a wide variety of different time periods which was super cool.”

Students from all grades participated in order to gain spirit points for their class. The spirit days this year are Mixed Up Monday, Trick or Treat Tuesday, Way Back Wednesday, Class Color Day, and Red Black and Bow Day.

At the end of the week, the class with the most points wins the spirit stick. Currently the points for each grade are 220 for the Class of 2018, 184 for the Class of 2019, 209 for the Class of 2020, and 230 for the Class of 2021, but the winner will not be revealed until the end of the week.

One thing is for sure, all of the students that participated truly gave us a blast from the past.